Solar Panel Cleaning


Solar panel cleaning is the easiest way to maximise the efficiency of your solar electricity system. Contaminants in the air such as dust, salt, exhaust emissions as well as regular leaves and animal droppings, settle on the surface of your solar panel reducing the efficiency of the solar panel. Cleaning the solar panels solar panels restores the amount of sunlight they can absorb getting you more value for money out of your solar system at  very reasonable prices starting from $45 per panel*.

*individual prices may vary.

Our Solar cleaning Process

As with all our roof and gutter work, safety is number one concern. We follow all the OH&S laws regarding roof access in getting to the panels. So no need to worry if your roof is difficult to access or has a particularly steep pitch.

We can access any size or height roof and get to your solar panels safely to clean them and only use roof and environmentally friendly detergents to clean the panels.

It is important to do any other necessary work beforehand as the roof can become very slippery once wet.
We then access the roof via ladder and attach our safety harness to the best possible location.

Once up we apply hot water and roof and gutter friendly detergents that wont corrode your roof sheets or gutters. We use mechanical means to scrub or scrape any stubborn debris or growth.

And last we thoroughly rinse the panels as well as the gutters and downpipes below to ensure all traces are washed off your roof, leaving your solar panels clean and operating at their full money saving potential!

Hi David, you quoted my neighbours & yesterday morning. You impressed us with your professional manner & attention to detail. You are a credit to your boss.



Hi Byron, Thanks for your help today. I think you’ve got a great focus on service and that’s not always the case with tradespeople. It’s nice to work with people who turn up and do a good days work.


Bilgola Plateau

Hi Byron. Thanks for a great job. Well get back to you on the gutterguard, ill make the payment to you tonight.

Ronnie Nadri


Byron did a fabulous job here today, please make sure that only Byron does the gutters for me every 6 months.

Ms E. Holder

North Shore

Hi Byron, thank you for cleaning our gutters today. Very neat work. I have just processed the payment. Please let me know if there are any problems.


Terrey Hills

Hi Byron. Thanks for a great job. Well get back to you on the gutterguard, ill make the payment to you tonight.

Ronnie Nadri


Z Insured

Gillespie Gutter Service is fully insured and have years of experience on the Northern Beaches and North Shore.

f Experienced

Experience in installing a variety of gutter guard products to suit different enviroments and needs.

q Accredited

Hold accredited certificate in Safe Working at Heights, OH&S,  Risk Assessment and Safe Roof Access Systems installation with WorkCover certification

Family Owned

Gillespie Gutter Service is family owned & operated locally on Sydney’s Northern Beaches


We pride ourselves in supporting Australian jobs by using Australian made gutter guard

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Cost effective gutter cleaning, gutter guard and gutter repair solutions

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